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Hi, I'm Jason Lusk. I've been a photographer for real estate since 2007 and began Missouri Home Tours, LLC in 2009. I live in Pacific, Missouri.

My first experiences as a home photographer were for an Internet marketing company in 2007, then moved to Pacific to live near my wife's family in 2009.

My photographic style is to use natural light, or sunlight, to allow for shadows to provide depth to my images, then supplement with light from speed lights and fixtures within the home to add to the clarity and color accuracy within the interior space. I try to bring realism to my home pictures by using supplemental lighting rather than HDR.

More about me...

I've jumped out of an airplane and had to untie my reserve parachute before hitting the ground, swam in the freezing cold caldera of Crater Lake, Oregon, and been to 8 countries (and like to re-visit some and see others). I like spending my free time with my wife, Tina and our daughter, Sierra.  We like to hike and explore, watch movies, and just sit on the porch.