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Located in Pacific, Missouri and working primarily in St. Louis, I strive to produce photographs that show your property in a way that engages your viewers, with the goal of getting more traffic to your listings, open houses and faster home and property sales.

                   Jason Lusk

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Jason Lusk - Photographer

409 Kaleigh Lane Pacific, Missouri 63069-1951
Telephone or Text - 314-225-8587
Email - missourihometours (at) gmail.com

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I'm Jason Lusk. A real estate marketing photographer living in Pacific, Missouri. I've been running Missouri Home Tours, LLC since 2009.


I first began my interest in photography back in 1991 while attending Northwest Missouri State University and furthered my interest attending the Metropolitan Community Colleges - Kansas City's program in graphic design. From there, I worked for an Internet marketing firm in Kansas City where I learned about incorporating property photography with real estate marketing.

My real estate pictures are meant to attract buyers to your listings, as well as attract clients to you. Home sellers notice those Realtors that use professional photography.

The pictures I take show, in a true-to-life fashion, how the home actually looks. My goal is to have accuracy in the colors found within the home and realism in the size of the rooms.


I've developed a long standing relationship with my clients over the years. Most of my photography shoots are for Realtors and homeowners looking to market their listing or property for sale. I also take pictures of commercial spaces including hotels, properties up for auction, and residential living communities.

My photography style is to use as much natural light as possible, then supplementing with strobes or flash where needed.

Recent Clients

Park Forest Apartments and Townhomes, Erika Timko, Kim & Mark Johnson Team, Alex Kadenyi, Ryan Miller, Jason Rennegarbe, Lynn Beebe, Molly O'Brien, Stephanie Dacey, Liz Whittier, Victoria Rouse, Trupti Patel, Dulce Vasquez-Estrada, Scott Dolson, April Porter, Nancy Gorgen, Louise Shapleigh, Jennifer Gendece, Bill Roemer, Leigh Leonard and others.