Robo-Calls Are Killing Me!


Robo-Calls have gotten out of control. If you think that you've been subjected to more over the years, your right! 

As a business owner as my primary means of marketing is my website, I receive lots of Robo-Calls. On any given day, I receive a minimum of 5 calls and sometimes as many as 15! I did a Google search of my phone number and its listed on too many places to count.

Taking My Energy

Every time I get a call from someone trying to sell me something, alerting me that the IRS is going to try to sue me, or whatever it is, it feels like a bit of my well-being is stripped. One of the things I love is driving in my car listening to music. Nothing is more aggravating than when I'm listening to a tune, getting in the frame of mind for an assignment, the being interrupted by a Robo-Call. 

Store Frequently Called Telephone Numbers

As a business owner and parent, you want to answer your phone in case it's a client or an emergency. It kind of reminds me of the Boy Who Cried Wolf story in that how can I assure the call I'm receiving is genuine?

To help assure that the calls I receive are from clients interested in my services, or from my kid's school, I store #'s on my phone. If I get a call from an unrecognized caller, I simply don't answer the phone. Not answering is also recognized as being important in limiting the amount of Robo-Calls you receive. I've been on the No Call List since 2012, but this hasn't been as effective as I would be hoped. Who knows, if I didn't have my # listed, would I receive 50 calls a day!

Working With Clients

Since I've made the decision to stop answering my phone from unknown callers, I employ a strategy of only answering from known callers. New clients telephone numbers are stored so that If contacted, I know to answer.

Preferred Contact

My preference for contact from a client is either a text or through my website via an email. I keep the ringer off on my phone frequently, but do check for emails, texts, and calls often.

I hope in the future that Robo-Calls are further regulated, but it seems from what I read on the Internet, the genie is out of the bottle and scammers just figure out ways to get around FCC rules adopted to limit them. For the time being, I'm employing the strategy mentioned above to help with my personal sanity.