When is it going to snow?

This year has been an odd one weather wise. 53° for Christmas is one for the books. I've been living in the St. Louis area for 5+ years now and don't remember this kind of warmth. 

I've been wanting to visit the Missouri Botanical Garden to take some photography of the holiday lights. I've been waiting to visit until it snows bit it looks like I may be out of luck. The lights are only going to be up until the early part of January and I don't see any significant snow in the forecast. 

II may have to wait until Spring to add some photographs to the section of my site - Celebrating St. Louis. 

My site is starting to take shape as I add more content. Recently I've abandoned WordPress and now I'm on Squarespace. 

I'm happy with Squarespace thus far, but am worried about how Google indexes me for search results and other things like SEO and the like. 

Just some of my thoughts. 

Happy Holidays.