Missouri Home Tours is now on Squarespace

Welcome to the new site for St. Louis Real Estate Marketing Photographer | Missouri Home Tours. I've changed my site from Wordpress to Squarespace for a number of reasons. The top two are a cleaner interface where I can concentrate on content of the site rather than worrying if the plugins I use are working correctly and secondly, the fact that I couldn't figure out what to do for XML sitmap errors and .php errors. I don't want to spend time worrying about and trying to fix things like these. My time is better spent on the business of Missouri Home Tours and providing photography for my clients.

As this site is in its initial stages, I ask that if any errors are found, please bear with me.

This time of year is usually the slowest in terms of photo assignments here in St. Louis, so I think its the best time to change and update Missouri Home Tours.