Basic Interiors & Exteriors

Basic interiors and exteriors are priced at $5.00 per image (minimum 20 images per project).

To achieve photographs of your property, Basic utilizes a single on-camera flash to the top of my camera. Single, on-camera flash looks best for smaller spaces without connecting rooms. The downside is that the light is directionally straight in to the scene, and has a tendency to make the photo look flat, with harsh shadows. Light fixtures and windows can create color issues and no color correction is used other than provided from the flash.

See how Premium Photography images are made...



Exteriors are priced at $5.00 per image (non-panoramic) because no lighting is used for the image. I rely on the available light. It's important for your listing that the front exterior is photographed during the optimal time of day for that time of year (When the property looks best - morning or afternoon). Sometimes estate sized homes can benefit from exteriors in the morning and afternoon. 

Finished photographs don't come out of the camera. All photographs for Basic Interiors & Exteriors as well as Premium are processed from camera to Adobe Lightroom and finalized in Adobe Photoshop. Premium images require more extensive Photoshop work, therefore the greater price.